Open Concept Layouts in Homes

Open concept homes are where common spaces like the kitchen, living room, and hallways aren’t closed off with walls or doors. It creates a more open floor plan, that can feel more spacious, inviting, and promote togetherness in a home. If you’re wondering about the importance of an open concept in your next home, we’ve compiled a list that can help you.

The Feel of a Bigger Space

Open concept homes maximize the usable square footage in your living space. A home can feel easily cramped, when walls isolate rooms to small quarters. Extra square footage may not be in a new homeowners budget, so having an open concept can give that extra room to breathe easy money-wise and living-wise. It can oftentimes feel more than the measured square footage on paper.

Natural Light

Natural light from an open concept home, promotes many health benefits and improves the way a home feels. Light traveling into every nook and cranny will create an inviting, bright look throughout many different areas in your home. Let’s say your kitchen was closed off by walls, it may not be possible to have that healthy light while cooking, or eating a meal. Guests might not feel as welcomed, or comfortable in low lit areas.

Family Time

Having an open floor plan can promote togetherness as a family. Maybe a dad is cooking a delicious dinner, while having a conversation with his child playing video games in the living room. While another member can be on the island cutting up fresh fruit, or the dining table setting up for the meal, all while joining in on the conversation. The space can also feel safer, if you need to multitask in one area while keeping an eye on the little ones in another area. 

Not only does it bring togetherness for the family, but brings social cohesiveness. Having guests over, you are able to entertain them while making them a meal. It’s an open space to enjoy everyone’s company and presence all at once. 

The Freedom to Create

What’s great about open floor plans is that you have the freedom and versatility to create your space however you want. You can take advantage of spaces that may have not been available before and you don’t have to commit to one permanent layout. You get to designate certain areas for certain purposes and have the ability to close them off with your own decor. And if you aren’t feeling your layout after a couple of months, you have the ability to change it to something completely new.

The units at Tuxedo Park have bright, inviting spaces for you to share with family and friends. The modern open concept design, allows you to arrange and decorate the home you want, while enjoying quality time with everyone with room to breathe. To book a virtual tour to discuss more about Tuxedo park, click the button below.